News and Bulletin 04/25/2021

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Guidelines for Attending Mass or Visiting the Church

The church is open for scheduled Masses and personal visits from 7:00am to 12noon Monday through Friday. We welcome you and hope you will attend Mass and visit.

We ask that you follow the established guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which are:

  1. Practice Social Distancing – keep at least 6 feet apart from others when you find a seat and during Communion. We have plenty of room to socially distance and if it becomes necessary, more Masses will be added.
  2. Face Masks must be worn at all times in respect for others – bring your own mask.
  3. Sanitize your hands when you enter and leave the church. Sanitizer will be provided.
  4. Families may sit together.
  5. Please take a bulletin on your way out of church, rather than on your way in.
  6. Your donations and offertory envelopes can be dropped off before or after Mass in one of the collection boxes located throughout the church.
  7. The church is fully sanitized with a mist twice a week, and after each Mass.