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About the Memorial Garden at St. Columbkille

A memorial garden provides a long-lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away, as well as offers a place for the survivors to remember and to heal.  The cremated remains of the body should be buried or entombed. The scattering of the cremated remains of the body, keeping them at home, or dividing them among various members is not the reverent disposition the Church requires.

The “Rite of Committal” is our farewell to our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.  At this time we turn the care of our loved ones body to the earth as we await the resurrection of the dead along with the communion of saints.

Set on the lovely grounds of the church, St. Columbkille Memorial Garden is a beautiful and peaceful resting place. It is a welcoming garden for those who have loved ones here to visit and remember.

Plot stones surround a large cross-shaped walk way at the foot of our Rose Garden.  They are available to individuals and couples; couples can be buried in the same spot with both names inscribed on the stone.

For additional information regarding our beautiful Memorial Garden please contact the Parish Office at


Memorial Garden Rules and Regulations

Thank you for choosing St. Columbkille’s Memorial Garden. St. Columbkille is responsible for the general care and maintenance of the Memorial Garden and interment spaces. Those who wish to be interred in our Garden must abide by our rules and regulations.

Our rules and regulations were developed to preserve and maintain uniformity, beauty, harmony and dignity of the Garden.

We reserve the right to remove and discard all cut or potted flowers, artificial flowers, plant containers, plants, wreaths, ornaments, stepping stones, figurines of any type and any other decorations; when in the judgment of the Maintenance supervisor they fade or wither, become unsightly, or when they do not conform to the standard we maintain.

If any items are left in the garden for more then 30 days they will be removed.

During the holidays any item that is placed in the garden must be removed within 30 days or we will remove it.

We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage by maintenance equipment, pressure washing, lawn maintenance, etc. to flower arrangements or any other items placed in the garden.

Items should not be taped, glued, wired, screwed or attached in any way to the stones or wood; they will be removed immediately.

FLAGS: To maintain the beauty of our Memorial Garden and the dignity of the American flag, one flag may be placed on the grave of a veteran. All flags will be removed seven days after placement or after a major holiday such as Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.

No holes are to be dug around the plots.

We reserve the right to regulate the method of decorating burial spaces so that a uniform beauty may be maintained.

Father Lorenzo Gonzalez