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Marge and Dan run the Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats For The Homeless Ministry

There are so many ways you can help our cause:

  1. You can collect grocery bags from your family & friends, from your local Supermarkets, get your kids involved with their schools, scouts, etc.
  2. Be a collection centre so other members can drop bags to you.
  3. Fold & cut the plastic bags.
  4. Make Plarn (Plastic Yarn).
  5. Crochet the mats.

Now if you are wondering how to fold/cut or make Plarn, or how to crochet the mats, below are links to two YouTube Tutorials which explain these in detail. Want instructions?


Please note

  • We generally cut the bags into 4 strips, not 3, as per the video as our grocery bags are a little larger than in the USA
  • We use a size 10 crochet hooks and crochet the mats until they measure 3′ x 6′