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Marge and Dan run the Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats For The Homeless Ministry

There are so many ways you can help our cause

  1. You can collect grocery bags from your family & friends, from your local Supermarkets, get your kids involved with their schools, scouts etc.
  2. Be a collection centre so other members can drop bags to you.
  3. Fold & Cut the plastic bags.
  4. Make Plarn (Plastic Yarn).
  5. Crochet the Mats.

Now if you are wondering how to fold/cut or make Plarn, or how to crochet the mats, below are links to two YouTube Tutorials which explain these in detail. Want instructions?


Please note

  • …we generally cut the bags into 4 strips, not 3 as per the video as our grocery bags are a little larger than in the USA and
  • …we use a size 10 crochet hooks and crochet the mats until they measure 3′ x 6′